Plans approved for new £100M waterfront neighbourhood at Liverpool Waters

12 Jul 2022

C02 Day

The Planning Inspectorate has approved plans by developer Romal Capital to transform a derelict site into a thriving new waterfront neighbourhood within Peel L&Ps Liverpool Waters.

The £100m scheme will include 330 new, highly sustainable, smart homes, retail space and amenities, as well as significant investment in the surrounding infrastructure – activating and regenerating the historic waterfront. The project will also provide a crucial link in the development of the riverside from the “Three Graces” and Princes Dock, to the proposed site of the new Everton FC stadium.

The new neighbourhood, along with the regeneration of Central Docks and the wider Liverpool Waters area, will bring much needed economic growth and new job creation to the area, extending the prosperity of Liverpool City northwards.

The proposals include a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments designed to attract a mix of occupants from busy professionals to young families, with the combination of a vibrant new neighbourhood and the tranquillity of the waterfront setting, appealing to many.

To reduce net emissions each new smart home will include power usage monitoring and solar panels will be fitted to all common areas. There is also investment to encourage the use of electric cars, with 20 electric vehicle charging stations proposed.

The proposals also include substantial investment in high quality and innovative public realm.

New public spaces will include a new active waterfront, marina and floating dock, a suspended six-metre-wide cathedral-style bridge for pedestrian and bike access, roof top gardens as well as space for alfresco dining. The proposals are adjacent to plans for a new cultural square that will be used for public events and activities including music and entertainment. These new public spaces will be available for use by new residents, the existing community, business users and visitors alike.

When the currently derelict site is transformed it will provide a vital link between the existing and planned developments within Central Docks, including a new park and the new Isle of Man Ferry terminal – currently under construction. The site is also situated on the recently completed Jesse Hartley Way boulevard that links the new ferry terminal to the city centre.

“I’m delighted with the appeal outcome and now it’s finally time to move forward to deliver on our promises to deliver the project,” said Greg Malouf, chief executive of Romal Capital.

“This development proposal has now gone through a robust process over the past four years with all sides being heard and a decision has been made. We can now move our focus to delivering homes and building a new neighbourhood on what was a derelict site.”

He added: “We look forward to working closely with Liverpool City Council to boost investment, jobs and growth. It’s one of the best cities in the UK and we look forward to delivering great results for it.”

Chris Capes, Director of Development for Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters, commented: “We are very pleased that the Planning Inspectorate has now given the green light to Romal Capital for its £100m waterfront development at Liverpool Waters and that it will now go ahead as planned.

“Romal’s development will bring huge benefits to the city, including the provision of 330 highly sustainable smart homes, public realm, retail space and local amenities. In addition to supporting economic growth and job creation, this development will also allow for other projects to come forward in the same area, including space for arts and culture. 

“It will be a critical part of the regeneration of the Central Docks neighbourhood, and we look forward to working with Romal to bring this development forward.”


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